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"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God."   Romans 12:2

The Christian life is a growth process toward maturity, resulting in Christ-likeness. When you got saved, no one instantly hit a reset button in your life. You came into this new relationship with wrong ways of thinking, ingrained thought patterns, and spiritual baggage of lies and unforgiveness.

The Bible describes this growth process in 1 John 2 as growing from (1) LITTLE CHILD who simply knows his sins are forgiven, toward (2) a YOUNG MAN who is strong with the word of God abiding in him and overcoming the devil by knowing his identity, and exercising his power and authority in Christ, and lastly as (3) a FATHER who has experienced the transforming relationship with God and is reproducing other spiritual children. The road map for your transformation journey can be listed in order by these spiritual growth destinations

  1. Knowing for certain that you are a child of God
  2. Knowing and believing your new identity in Christ
  3. Establishing a biblical world view of God and our spiritual enemies
  4. Resolving personal and spiritual conflicts through genuine faith and repentance
  5. Learning to take thoughts captive and daily renew your mind with God’s Word
  6. Operating in your identity, power, and authority in Christ.

Our classes and one-on-one discipleship are designed to follow this route to spiritual maturity. Our goal is to help you discover your identity, purpose, and abundant life found only in a relationship with Christ Jesus.