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Sometimes we say "the proof is in the pudding!" Here is what some local participants have said about the impact of the Freedom in Christ message upon their lives...

"FIC broke my flesh, the world, and Satan's ability to cripple my walk and maturity in Christ. It has shown me how to apply the truth of God's Word to every thought and emotion in my life helping me ward off deception." 

"It is as if the blinders were taken off my eyes and I can see clearly who I am in Christ. I now know and can stand firm on the truth that is revealed by his word."

"The Freedom in Christ course work was the answer to some “gaps” I experienced in my Christian walk. There were areas where I felt defeated and didn't know why I saw no change, or felt like I was powerless, even though I was a Christian infused with the very power of Christ's life. I knew that was off base and incongruent with God's Word, but I was clueless as to why. Through the course I learned some important truths about God, who God is, who I am in Christ and the enemies of my soul: my old flash patterns, the world system/culture, and Satan’s strategies for hindering my walk growth and productivity in the Lord. As a result of Freedom in Christ I have also begun to teach my children some of the material so that they receive the truth of God and a proper understanding of their position in Christ in the enemy's tactics."

"Since moving to Greenville my family had been involved in a legalistic school. The church's we attended were judgmental, lacking grace. I never felt good enough or that I measured up to their standard. I was confused about the Holy Spirit. Since being involved with the message of Freedom in Christ I see more clearly who I am in Christ - accepted secure and significant. I no longer see myself through the scope of accomplishment but only - and this is everything - who I am in Christ because of what Christ has done."

"The message of Freedom in Christ has revolutionized my walk with Christ. It has shown me that I am God's child and in him I don't have to fear or be bound to old habits and sin cycles. It has helped me to realize that God's love for me is not dependent on my performance."

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