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What We Offer


T3 Discipleship is a Freedom in Christ Community Freedom Ministry where our focus is on TEACHING, TAKING, and TRAINING  disciplemakers. 

We TEACH the biblical principles of identity-based discipleship and steps to resolving personal and spiritual conflicts within each of our course offerings. Our mission is Teaching Transforming Truths to Equip Every Believer To Live Free and Fruitful in Christ in All Areas of Life

We OFFER a self-led Virtual Discipleship Course which can be done completely on your own or with a level of interaction from a T3 Ministry Associate.

This course includes 10 - one hour video sessions with discussion questions, and one extended multi-part video leading you through The Steps to Freedom in Christ Spiritual Inventory. For more info about the course click here. If you are interested in signing up, please to go to our Contact Page to let us know.

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T3's  future vision of community course offerings leveraging existing Freedom in Christ Ministry resources which are targeted to lead believers to spiritual health and maturity.


We TAKE individuals through group and personal Steps to Freedom appointments.

This spiritual inventory ministry tool is a core element in the FICM approach to personal freedom and transformation. Before conducting a personal Steps to Freedom appointment we typically request the person to complete the basic Discipleship Course and take themselves through the Steps to Freedom process. Experience tells us that most people can work themselves through this repentance process on thier own without outside help. But about 15 percent need direct personal help because of severe life difficulties they have experienced.

We OFFER a personal Steps to Freedom Appointment for those needing individual help.

If you are interested in knowing more, go here for a Steps Appointment brochure or go to our Request for Steps Appointment page. You can also request more info through our Contact Page to let us know how we can help.


We TRAIN up discipleship counselors to minister within the church and community.  

We OFFER to help ministry leaders develop a proven spiritual health strategy for their church or ministry utilizing a wealth of resources available through Freedom in Christ Ministries.

We would be glad to sit down and discuss your discipleship goals and assist you in training up lay discipleship counselors within your organization. If we can help, let us know by going to our Contact Page.