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The Forms Page provides links to a variety of resouces utilized by T3

The Steps to Freedom in Christ brochure will explain what a "Steps" appointment is and what you can expect before and after your appointment.

A Request for Freedom in Christ Appointment is an online form explaining the process and providing us with information to help you prepare.

The Confidential Personal Inventory (CPI) is an online form where you provide information about your life experience to help us in preparing to take you through your steps appointment. This form should only be filled out after your request for appointment has been processed and approved. 

Stronghold Buster is an online form that will help you to identify the lies you have been believing, identifying the truth of God's word and then replacing that lie with God's truth. This form is useful for follow-up after going through the Steps to Freedom in Christ. 

All information collected on our online forms is kept confidential and destroyed after your appointment.